Landscape Maintenance
Whether your needs are as simple as a spring cleanup, or a one time mowing, Sam’s Landscaping prides itself on our ability to meet all of our customers’ landscape maintenance needs. Some of the many services we provide include year-round and per-call mowing, weed removal, walkway trimming and edging. Maintaining a healthy yard is an easy way to improve the aesthetic value of your property, but can be time consuming and strenuous—especially in the summer heat. In addition, many neighborhoods in the State College area require certain landscaping standards to be met throughout the year. Choosing Sam’s Landscaping allows you to enjoy the beauty of your home without dealing with labor-intensive yard work.

Snow removal
We offer snow removal from sidewalks and driveway clearing as well as ice removal and salting. Snow removal violations can be costly, and in the State College area, many property owners have lost their rental permits due to failure to clear their walks. In addition, shoveling snow can be a time-consuming and strenuous activity for some. Ice removal and driveway and sidewalk salting can be important to personal and customer safety. By calling Sam’s Landscaping you can ensure that snow and ice will never trouble you again.

Bed Upkeep and mulching
Let Sam’s Landscaping keep your property beautiful by helping you remove weeds, edge beds, add mulch, trim bushes, and plant plants. Bed upkeep and mulching is a wise investment, as landscaping curb appeal can add as much as 15% to the value of a home, but Keeping your flower beds and garden looking their best can be a year round chore; maintenance usually requires regular weeding and trimming. Mulching also helps foster healthy growth in plants by retaining moisture and nutrients in the soil, while preventing erosion. With professional help maintaining your lawn and garden, you can be proud of your home without all the hassle of doing it yourself.

Pruning Services
We provide pruning services for trees and shrubs, which involves cutting and removing branches to help the growth of your greenery. Timely pruning of bushes, trees, and hedges is essential to the survival and attractive appearance of your expensive landscaping plants. Pruning also addresses safety concerns by protecting your friends and family from falling or protruding limbs. Quickly solve disputes with your neighbors by having overgrown hedges professionally trimmed, or keep up the beautiful look of a neatly trimmed landscape year round.

Clean Up
In the spring and fall, Sam’s Landscaping provides a clean up service to remove general debris from your yard. We are able to get rid of leaves, weeds, woody material, and grass clippings so you can enjoy your yard during a warm-weather cook out or on a cool autumn day. Hauling debris to the proper location is time consuming and messy, while letting clippings sit in piles on your yard is not only unattractive, but causes damage to the grass. Sam’s Landscaping will gladly clean up any debris, making your yard look beautiful.


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